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6 Core Group and Team Coaching Resources: 12 Days of Holidays 2022 - Day 1 of 12

 For years (and I mean years) I've done a year end series of blog posts. Take a  look at the 2010 and
2016 series here.
My team here at Potentials Realized asked me earlier this month if I'd be doing something special for the holidays and I said, OF COURSE! So here we go with the 12 days of holidays for 2022. The series this year will include some tips and a focus on one of our many programs and services. I hope you join us for all 12 posts leading up to December 23rd (our 12th day!)

I thought I'd start with 6 Core Group and Team Coaching Resources I return to time and time again, ones that I think every coach will want to consider having in their toolkit:

1. Post it notes - Post it notes continue to be a favorite of mine and have been so for decades now. They are a great tool to elicit participation from all group members, see connections and focus thoughts. Read this 2008 post I did entitled Post It Notes: A Facilitators Ally. In the virtual space, Miro and Mural are our digital twin.

2. Visual Decks - For many years I have been using visual cards and photographs with in person and virtual groups. A wonderful "conversation sparker" across differences, photos help group members create new perspectives, insights and connections. Whether you are using Visual Explorer, the JICT Deck, Points of you - The Coaching Game, or Conversation Sparker (my deck) consider the many ways you can use cards as openers, closers, or as the main focus of the session.  In late November 2016 I released the 40 Ways to Use Visual Cards E-Resource, which includes detailed instructions on 40 ways to facilitate activities with cards (from goal setting, to innovation, to strategic planning, to closure) and also five worksheets you can use "as is".

Working with visuals was also my focus of the Design Studio Blab #6 - View it here.

3. A selection of virtual platforms - The last few years have shown the importance of having a variety of platforms at our disposal - from Zoom, to Teams to others, what are you using to bring people together?

4. A variety of back-pocket ideas - You never know what's going to be needed when you work with groups and teams. It's always a great idea to take stock of the different activities and resources we have at our disposal. Spend 15 minutes this week doing an inventory of what you have available and/or going through some of the books/resources you which are accumulating dust. What might you bring into an upcoming session?

5. A community of other practitioners - Developing your own network of follow facilitators/coaches and trainers is not only good for business when you want to scale your work, it's also really important in terms of ongoing development. Consider how you will invest in your relationships with other practitioners this year, and also expand your skill base.

6. Evaluation Resources - Gathering feedback about what's working well, and what's not, helps keep programming expanding, and coaching growing. What are you doing to poll your group and team members throughout the coaching process.  I always like to recommend Lisa Edward's work around evaluation and coaching.

That's it for today - Day 1 of 12 complete for this year's 12 Days of Holidays.

Be sure to check out our Conversation Sparker decks - including the Square Journaling Cards (my favorite) and the standard Conversation Sparker decks - digital edition.



Jennifer Britton | Potentials Realized

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