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A: Approaches in Group Coaching - The A-Z of Group Coaching

As we approach our 19th anniversary business celebrations what better time to start our 26-blog post

A- Approaches in Group Coaching

series, “The A-Z of Group Coaching Essentials.” 

Having written the first book on Group Coaching, “Effective Group Coaching” in 2009, this series highlights the best practices Jennifer Britton (Founder and CEO of Potentials Realized) has both written and taught in Group CoachingEssentials (5-week course with 8.75 CCEs with ICF) for the last 19 years

Let’s jump in.

Regardless if you are a new or seasoned group coach, reviewing various approaches when working with groups brings fresh, new ways of engaging your groups to support participants in realizing their goals; and you fulfilling the program goals and promises. It’s finally spring (YAY!!!!), and what better time for you (regardless if you are a new or seasoned group coach) to revisit approaches and bring fresh, new ways of engaging your groups in support of participants realizing their goals; and you fulfilling on the program goals and promises.

In her bookFrom One to Many: Best Practices for Team andGroup Coaching(celebrating ten years of publication this year), Jennifer shares that regardless of the type of group/team coaching you offer: teleclass, group coaching, webinar, or retreat- there are different approaches to facilitating a group conversation. 

Understanding that different groups will have different needs, it’s essential and valuable to be ready and adaptable to use various approaches to fulfill program and participant goals.

Some of the common approaches used in group coaching include:

  1. Laser coaching
  2. Fieldwork: pre-work/post-work
  3. Individual reflection
  4. Peer coaching
  5. Body-centered coaching, somatic coaching, or using geography

 The following are questions for you to consider based on the group you are working with and trying to decide on the approach to incorporate: 

  • What are the fundamental needs and focus areas of this group?
  • What supports the group in setting better goals?
  • What supports the group in deepening awareness around issues of importance to them (individually or collectively)
  • What supports the group to take action towards their identified goals?
  • What is the role of accountability and commitment within this group?
  • What does the group value in terms of approaches? Is it individual reflection, Small group conversation? Laser coaching? Conversation with a partner? Other? 

For further resources on this topic, check out the books referenced in this blog post. In addition, consider joining us in an upcoming ICF-CCE approved Group Coaching training program where we explore this topic more deeply.


Jennifer and Evana


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