Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Join me next week for Leverage Your Time, Save Your Sanity!

Attention Women:

The ‘Living a Life of Passion Teleseminar Event’ starts in less than a week!

What: Living a Life of Passion – 5 Experts share their Secrets for Inner Peace & being Guilt-Free

When: 5 days, beginning March 3rd, 1 p.m. Eastern Time
Who: Women who are tired of just doing what they are supposed to and want to create life of Joy and Peace

What will you learn:

Conscious Choices for Change!
How to get rid of Guilt & Make Room For Passion in a S.E.C.!
Passionate Commitment!
Leverage Your Time, Save Your Sanity!
Journey to Inner Peace

Now there’s an option. If you want to sit in on the calls, you can attend for free, but I still recommend that you invest in the recordings of the 5 events and the $194 in bonuses. So go ahead, and reserve your seat to learn how to create more love, more passion and greater inner peace while having more time off to do the things you love!
If you want the free option click the link below and enter your VIP discount code ‘VIP306’. Use it now and get a 100% scholarship courtesy of me, Jennifer .

That gives you:
- access to all the live teleseminars
- a replay for 24 hours after each call
Remember to put your special discount code ‘VIP306’

If you want all the goodies, click the link below. To get over 50% off, put in your discount code ‘0316’ in the discount box. That will give you:
- an downloadable audio that you can listen to at your own leisure and let all the nuggets and secrets really sink in
- $194 in bonuses emailed to you once you register.

I also wanted to give you an opportunity to find out what you will learn in the “Passionate Commitment” so I’ve included a clip for you here.

Here’s a sneak preview my teleseminar “Leverage Your Time, Save you Sanity” and what you can expect to learn from my event! To listen, click here

I'll be presenting this as part of the upcoming teleseminar series on Thursday of next week.
Remember, the event starts this coming Monday so register today.

Looking forward to having you on the call!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Learning Styles: What's the impact on your group programs

As learners, we each learn in different ways. Individuals will have a preferred learning style, either visual, auditory, kinesthetic (by touch). Keep in mind that we often have a preferred mix of different learning styles.

Visual learners are supported in the learning process by sight. They benefit from lots of graphics including color charts, diagrams and pictures to support the presentation.

An auditory learner learns primarily by hearing. They learn best by listening to presentations and explanations, and may really benefit or gravitate to teleseminars or teleclasses.

Kinestheic learners primarily learn more by doing (writing, touching, drawing). These learners thrive on trying it out and discovering for themselves.

As a facilitator of group programs (whether you are a coach, trainer or manager) you need to be sensitive to the different learning styles your group members bring. It is important to tailor your activities and delivery methods to meet the needs of diverse learning styles.

What is your preferred learning style? Think about it for a moment – how do you best learn?

Being aware of your preferred learning style can uncover some of the biases you may hold as a facilitator. For example, if you are an auditory learner your program may be really full of great audio content but not have enough written materials, posters or flipcharts to support the needs of visual learners.

Likewise, if you have a predominance towards kinesthetic learning you may bring a bias towards learning through doing, without providing sufficient “direction” for visual learners or auditory learners.

I speak a lot about learning styles during the Workshop and Retreat Essentials program and will have a focus on this in my upcoming Toronto Group Facilitation Intensive (May 2 and 3). If you are curious about finding out more about your own learning style, or want to bring some discussion of this into your programs for your learners, you may want to check out

Learning Styles Online – Has a great overview of learning styles as well as a free online assessment which you can take. I did this with a group of new small business owners last summer and they really liked the assessment – it is quite comprehensive. also used to have a great Learning Sytles Assessment and Motivation Style Assessment.

If you are wondering about what can I do to meet the needs of the different learning styles in my groups, here is a blog post I wrote last summer on Tips for Meeting the Needs of Visual Learners.

Here's a question for you - What do you need to keep in mind when you design or run your next program?

Have a great start to the week,

Jennifer Britton, PCC, CHRP
Potentials Realized
Group Coaching Essentials

Ready to Launch Group Coaching This Spring?

Are you a coach who….
* Wants to launch their own group coaching program?
* Is looking to not reinvent the wheel with their own program?
* Wants some tried and tested tips related to designing, marketing and running their program?
* Is looking for engaging exercises to adapt to their group coaching program?
* Wants some accountability to put their vision for group programs into reality?
* Wonders how their individual coaching skills can be adapted for a group context?

If you answered yes, I hope that you will consider joining me for this month’s Group Coaching Essentials program. If you want to make 2008 your year to lead successful group coaching programs, join myself and 5 other coaches for a 2 month journey, as we cover the ins and outs to designing, implementing and marketing your own group coaching program

The Group Coaching Essentials program will start this Thursday, February 21st. Choose from either a morning (10:30 – 11:45 am EST/New York) or Evening (8-9:15pm EST/New York) session time.

For full details on the program click here. Three spaces remain in the morning and two in the evening session (to make up an intimate group of no more than 6 coaches per session). Cost: $250 US or $250 Canadian

Join the growing community of hundreds of coaches who have taken this program since it first started in 2006, and more importantly, have your program ready to launch for the spring!

To find out more or to register call me toll free at 1-866—217-1960 or email me at PayPal payments can be processed at the Group Coaching Essentials webpage.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Warm regards,

Jennifer Britton, PCC, CHRP, CPT
Potentials Realized
Group Coaching Essentials
Toll Free: 1-866-217-1960
Email: jennifer{at}potentialsrealized{dot}com

Can't make the dates for the Group Coaching Essentials program but are you committed to creating space to design your programs? Join me for a 6 hour virtual retreat - The Group Program Virtual Intensive - where the focus is all about getting your program designed and Getting It Done! The next one will be held on Monday and Wednesday March 10 and 12th from 7-10pm (EST) each evening. For more information about the Virtual Intensive, click here. Space is limited to 8 for the virtual intensive.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Participate in some real coaching research on group coaching

I always get really excited when I hear about real live research that is going on about the coaching profession - its the academic in me.

I 've been contcted by a wonderful researcher, Andrea Anderson, who is currently working on some research around the area of group coaching. If you have experienced a group coaching process as a a client, please consider completing the following survey. If you lead group coaching sessions your self, I hope that you will consider passing this link on to your clients.

Group Coaching Research - If you have been a group coaching client
The link to the following survey ( is intended to tap into the experience and knowledge of people who have experienced life coaching in a group setting.

By completing the survey and sharing your insights, you will help coaches who conduct group sessions learn what is powerful about coaching in a group setting and understand what they can do to improve the experience and learning for their clients. The survey is a quick 10 questions and enables you to remain anonymous.

If you are interested in obtaining the survey results, please email This survey will remain active through March 21, 2008.

If you are a coach who delivers group coaching programs, Andrea would love to hear from you and have your insights feed into the research. She can be reached at

I've spoken with Andrea and she is really excited about this research, as I am to hear about the results!

Have a great week!

Jennifer Britton, PCC, CHRP
Potentials Realized
Group Coaching Essentials
Toll Free: 1-866-217-1960

Friday, February 01, 2008

Creating Positive, Intentional Business Partnerships

I often think of February as the month of relationships, in part due to the presence of Valentines Day. As an Organization and Relationship systems coach (ORSC), I love the dynamics that are created through relationships. Relationships is going to be a theme for my monthly blog posts here, and also at my sister sites The Biz Toolkit and Your Balanced Life!

I have been spending quite a bit of time speaking this week about the importance of relationships as it relates to marketing during my Workshop and Retreat Essentials program and Group Coaching Essentials program. What attention have you paid to your business relationships lately?

This year I am continuing to run a number of collaborative programs and love the synergy and richness that my fellow partners and I have created. Each partnership has its own feel and energy which infuses the programs differently.

I was reminded this week about the importance of being really clear and intentional when creating partnerships, as we discussed some worst case scenarios, as well as some real life best practices for business partnerships during this week's teleseminars.

Here are some questions you may want to consider when developing your next co-facilitation, joint venture or business partnership:

* What are your goals for a partnership? What do you hope to accomplish?
* What unique skills, abilities or characteristics do you bring to the partnership?
* What are you looking for in a partner – to enhance your weaker areas, to expand you into new markets?
* What particular skills are you looking for in a partner?
* What particular characteristics are you looking for in a partner?
* What are your expectations from the partnership?
* How will you measure success?

Looking for a facilitated process for your new partnership? As an ORSC coach a large part of my work focuses on creating the space for new partnerships to start of “on the right foot” and from the strongest foundation possible. If you are an existing partnership, there is no time like the present to take the pulse of your relationship and spend some time nurturing it. Drop me an email if you and your partner are looking to design your partnership in a positive, and intentional way. I'll be offering 3 complimentary partnership design sessions this month -- one hour by phone for you and your partner.

Also, in the spirit of relationships, I will be offering a 50% discount on my relationship coaching rates for business partners (co-facilitators, those in or considering joint ventures, strategic alliances) for the month of February. This offer open from now until the end of February 2008. Email me to take advantage of it.

Have a great weekend,

Jennifer Britton, PCC, CPCC, CHRP
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