Tuesday, December 18, 2018

2018 Trends in Group and Team Programs - Coaching, Webinars and On-Demand

Late last week, I hosted the 15th annual year-end group and team programs call. This has become an
15th Annual Year End Group Programs Call with Jennifer Britton
annual event where I take a look back at  some of the trends from the past year as it relates to group and team programming. I also take a look ahead at what themes might be prevalent, and influencing, our work.

You can check out what I wrote about last year's call here.

This year, it was no surprise that some of these themes showed up as key areas:
- Micro-learning (short sound-bytes of learning - usually only 3-10 minutes in length). With that in mind, I'll be releasing components of the call in shorter soundbytes in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!
- Considering what on-demand offerings you might include - as someone who has offered on-demand programs since 2014 it's interesting to see the current wave of professionals flocking to create on-demand opportunities. As a coach, I think it is important to consider how on-demand may supplement your different live offerings as well.
- Enhanced Virtual Focus - I've seen more and more professionals shift to the virtual space this year, and become not only more proficient, but confident in leading ENGAGING virtual events. This year was the 5th year of offering our series of virtual train-the-trainer programs. The Virtual Facilitation Essentials was approved this year for ICF CCEs, making it a popular offering. It will be starting up again in the new year if 2019 will be your year for expanding your virtual toolkit and skills!

There were a few more trends impacting us this year, and you are probably not surprised that these themes showed up on my list

The second part of the 15th Annual Year End call took a look ahead to 2019, and themes I think will continue to influence our work. As a writer I'm constantly scanning the horizon for latest research and focus. Having been in the industry of coaching for more than 15 years now it has been very interesting to see how many themes continue to cycle.

What are the trends you see influencing your work?

During the call I also shared my top 6 tools I turned to, time and time again. My work has continued to focus in the virtual space this year, as it will in 2019. As technologies continue to morph and emerge it makes geographically diverse groups a popular choice for busy professionals. I'll cover off my top 6 resources as a separate post in the coming weeks, but I will say that visual cards are on the list once again! Also up there was. of course, journaling. If you haven't connected into my Weekly Journaling Prompts, which I share every Saturday over at the Teams365 blog, do be sure to check it out. Of course, planning and journaling have been a key theme for me this year, as I released the Coaching Business Builder Workbook and Planner in August and the PlanDoTrack Workbook and Planner for Virtual and Remote Professionals late last week.

What are you planning to create in your business next year? If you haven't found it yet, be sure to check out my new website - CoachingBusinessBuilder.com, including the weekly blog posts I share around Coaching Business Development.

I'm looking forward to being in touch with one more blog post of 2018. Enjoy your holidays next week!

Best wishes,

Jennifer Britton
Author of Effective Group Coaching (2009), and From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching (2013) and Effective Virtual Conversations (2017)
Phone : 416-996-TEAM (8326)
2019 programs kick off on Friday January 11th with the return of the 3 month Mentor Coaching Group (for ACC/PCC), the Group Coaching Essentials program (8.75 CCEs), Virtual Facilitation Essentials (8.5 CCEs) and the Advanced Group and Team Coaching Practicum (10 CCEs)

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Did you catch the weekend and Cyber Monday Specials?

As an author and coach I love having the opportunity to work with coaches over a longer term.

Perhaps you’ve already joined me for one of my ICF CCE approved programs – the Group Coaching Esentials program (8.75 CCEs), Virtual Facilitation Essentials program (8.5 CCEs), or the Advanced Group and Team Coaching Practicum  (10 CCEs). In addition to these short term programs, for the last few years I 've been offering two annual membership groups. For this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday I'm offering a special 40% discount on the annual rate.

Many coaches are looking for a coaching and community space to keep learning and get support throughout the year. In response to this, I introduced a two groups which run throughout the year. The first one is:

Learning Lab and Design Studio – Looking to launch new programs (workshops, retreats, group
coaching) during 2019 and wanting some support around your signature programs? We’ll be stepping into year 4 of the LLDS  which supports professionals in creating their own programs.

LLDS with Jennifer BrittonIn the past couple of years we’ve had retreat programs birthed, on-demand programs created as well as group coaching practices launched
During 2019 we’ll be looking at:
Video-based learning
Creating Your Signature program
Creating on-demand courses (think for delivery on platforms like Udemy, Kajabi and Teahable)

Two live calls are held each month on Fridays from 845 - 930 am Eastern/New York on zoom. LLDS members have access to the past 3 years of calls PLUS a robust library of monthly articles and templates you can use in your work right away! One call each month is a learning call, the second one a facilitation lab where you get to apply ideas to your own programming.

Regular cost is $1250/year, but until the end of day Monday, November 26th - Cyber Monday save 40% for a rate of $750 US/year. 

Click here to learn more and register. Membership starts this month and will carry you to the end of 2019, so you get a bonus of 13 months. Grab your spot now!

Coaching Biz Growth Lab – Geared for those coaches who want to focus on their business development and growth, we meet on Fridays from 3 – 4 pm Eastern/12 – 1 pm Pacific twice a month (1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month). This group is grounded in a group coaching approach, supporting you with accountability and action for your business.
Coaching Biz Growth Lab

This year we’ve covered topics including:
·         Business Fundamentals
·         Strengths and Ecosystem as a Business
·         Program Design 101
·         Beliefs and Accelerators
·         5 Essential Coaching Systems
·         Finding and Amplifying your Voice

For 2019 we’ll be looking at topics including:
·         Client Outreach-  Creating a plan for 2019 regular outreach
·         Building community – exploring the Facebook and Instagram
·         and collaboration – Ingredients for success
·         Using Video as a Marketing Vehicle
·         Time Management – Getting Things Done as an Entrepreneur
·         Content Creation
·         Maximizing Cash Flow

In addition to the group calls, coaches get to participate in multiple other supports including:
Regular Get it Done afternoons – a 4 hour program, these are geared to get you in getting important things done for your business!
New monthly templates they can use their business right way
New articles focusing on the monthly topics
Access to past training calls (all of the 2018 topics)

Regular price for the annual program is $1250, and until the end of day Monday, November 26th coaches can jump in at a rate of $750 for the year – that’s $62.50 a month – how can you go wrong!
Learn more about the Coaching Biz Growth Lab - and reserve your spot at the discounted rate here.

Download a brochure about the Coaching Biz Growth Lab 2019 program here.

Coaches in either membership group can add on an additional block of 5 hours of coaching (which they can spread over the course of the year for $500 US. Regular pricing for a  5 hour block is $1500 US.

Questions or want to make sure these programs are right for you? Contact Jennifer and set up a quick call at (416)996-8326.

I look forward to having you join us in the Labs this coming year!

Best wishes,

Jennifer Britton, MES, PCC, CPCC
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PS - The last Group Coaching Essentials program for 2018 also starts this week on Tuesdays from 4:20 - 555 pm ET on Tuesday November 28, December 4, 11, 18, 2018. A few spots are still open. Reserve your spot in this 8.75 CCE approve program.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Signature Programs - Questions to narrow your focus

Over the weekend one of my guest articles for the Coaching Tools Company was published. This
month's article was entitled "Create Your Own Signature Program: What, Why and How to Get Started". You can view it here.

It was a really fun article to write as I have been able to support hundreds of coaches in developing their signature programs since 2004  - whether they have been online learning programs, workshops, retreats, or group and team coaching work. In fact, I think I've supported coaches in developing all of the different types of programming  I mentioned - from VIP days to intensives.

In the article I explore some of the questions you want to be asking yourself before you start focusing on a topic, or range of topics. Here are a few questions I share in the article:
  • What are the areas you want to become known for?
  • What's the one area, or niche, you want to take deeper?
  • What are your clients looking for?
  • What are the issues every client or a majority of clients, explores in your conversations?
  • What makes your approach and philosophy unique?
These are all questions that can help support narrowing your focus. The more narrow the focus, the easier it is for someone to say "this program is for me"?

One of the refreshing shifts I am seeing in the space of group programming is a recognition that we will likely have multiple programs running,and being marketed at any one time.

Personally, as a designer, I believe in creating customized solutions for different clients I work with. I have seen in my business that some people are attracted to earning in the deep dive of a virtual VIP Day with me, or a weekend Intensive program, whereas others prefer to connect and learn in bite-sized pieces over a longer span of a weekly virtual program like Group Coaching Essentials.

Since 2014, I've also noticed a large group of professionals who like the flexibility of engaging in on-demand programming, like I offer over at our on-demand portal of the Coaching Design Studio.

Different program options allow for different paces and engagement levels in the learning process, as well as budget.

We still have 8 weeks of 2018 available, just enough time to get some new programs off the ground. What are the signature programs which are waiting to emerge for you?

If you'd like some support, consider joining me for the Learning Lab and Design Studio, a live Friday group which meets the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month from 845- 930 am ET, or engage me for a five hour package of coaching services, or a half day strategy session. View these options here. You can also book me to work with you virtually for an entire day with one of my VIP Design or Business Development Days.

Let us know using the comments what signature program you are planning to create and/or launch in the next few months!

Best wishes,

Jennifer Britton
Potentials Realized | /GroupCoachingEssentials
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Six Exercises for Your Next Group or Team Coaching Conversation

Today's blog post gets you thinking about the topic of activities and exercises for group and team coaching conversations. Having a robust toolkit of things we can pull on "in the moment" is critical
What Do You Have In  Your Toolbox?
in group and team coaching success.

Whether you are coaching a group of business owners, or a virtual marketing team, tapping back into your coaching toolkit is always a good place to go. Consider how you might be bringing some of these standard tools and coaching approaches into conversation:

* Wheel of .....(depending on your focus it could be the Wheel of Life/Health/Leadership/Small Business/Parenting).

* Values Work - Whether it's helping clients explore their "Peak Experience" or taking them through a checklist to help them gain clarity, values work is a part of the coaching process with many models. Values help with prioritization, decision making, visioning etc.

* Vision work - We are coming onto the end of the year - just a little under 100 days left. When did you last connect your clients with their vision?

* Somatic, geography or body-centered coaching approaches - The body has a lot of wisdom which may not just be accessed through verbal conversation. What might you incorporate to support clients getting in touch with their kinesthetic knowledge?

* Strengths resources - From strengths assessments like StrengthsFinder and VIA Strengths, to strengths cards, supporting clients in identifying and leveraging their strengths can be a critical part of the coaching conversation. Is this an area your clients are exploring, or wanting to explore right now?

* Visual Cards - There is a wide variety of visual tools in the marketplace. What might you do to incorporate more visual card work in your work? Take a look at my site Conversation Sparker.com for more ideas and inspiration.

 What other coaching tools do you "go to" or incorporate on a regular basis?

Feel free to share resources with us via the Comments Section.

Warm regards,

 Jennifer Britton
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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Two upcoming October trainings for coaches - Group Coaching Essentials and Virtual Facilitation Practicum

A quick reminder that there are 2 upcoming (virtual) training programs starting in the last half of October 2018.

First of all, starting this Friday October 19th at 11:45 AM I'll be launching the 6-week Virtual Facilitation Practicum. It’s geared for coaches, trainers. and professionals who want to get more experience and gain confidence in conversation. This program covers the gamut of virtual conversations.

It is a small group setting and each professional leads a virtual call on the platform of their choice,
Virtual Facilitation Skills Intensive
receiving feedback on their skills. In addition to the practicum element of the course, we’ll be taking a deeper dive on topics related to design, exercises, leading and marketing virtual programming (webinars, conference calls etc). This is the second part of the program that makes up the Virtual Facilitation Skills Intensive (a 15 hour virtual train-the-trainer).

Cost for this 6-week program is $495 US and you can register by contacting me.

Interested in this 15 hour series? The Virtual Facilitation Essentials will start up again in November. It's a five week 75  minute program held weekly, and has been approved for 8.5 hours of CCEs.

The second program I wanted to tell you about is the flagship Group Coaching Essentials program. Our next fall 2018 group will start on the afternoon of Tuesday October 23rd with calls meeting on October 23, 30, November 6, 13, and 20th. Group calls will run from 3 to 4:15 PM Eastern on zoom.
This program is approved for 8.75 CCE is with the I CF, geared for coaches who want to explore best practices of design, marketing, and implementing their own group coaching. The program will be of interest to those  who wanting to add this on to their mix of offerings. Weekly assignments support you to further your own ideas and program planning actions.

I do hope that you'll join us for one of these upcoming programs this month.

With best wishes,

Jennifer Britton, CPCC, PCC
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