Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Six Exercises for Your Next Group or Team Coaching Conversation

Today's blog post gets you thinking about the topic of activities and exercises for group and team coaching conversations. Having a robust toolkit of things we can pull on "in the moment" is critical
What Do You Have In  Your Toolbox?
in group and team coaching success.

Whether you are coaching a group of business owners, or a virtual marketing team, tapping back into your coaching toolkit is always a good place to go. Consider how you might be bringing some of these standard tools and coaching approaches into conversation:

* Wheel of .....(depending on your focus it could be the Wheel of Life/Health/Leadership/Small Business/Parenting).

* Values Work - Whether it's helping clients explore their "Peak Experience" or taking them through a checklist to help them gain clarity, values work is a part of the coaching process with many models. Values help with prioritization, decision making, visioning etc.

* Vision work - We are coming onto the end of the year - just a little under 100 days left. When did you last connect your clients with their vision?

* Somatic, geography or body-centered coaching approaches - The body has a lot of wisdom which may not just be accessed through verbal conversation. What might you incorporate to support clients getting in touch with their kinesthetic knowledge?

* Strengths resources - From strengths assessments like StrengthsFinder and VIA Strengths, to strengths cards, supporting clients in identifying and leveraging their strengths can be a critical part of the coaching conversation. Is this an area your clients are exploring, or wanting to explore right now?

* Visual Cards - There is a wide variety of visual tools in the marketplace. What might you do to incorporate more visual card work in your work? Take a look at my site Conversation for more ideas and inspiration.

 What other coaching tools do you "go to" or incorporate on a regular basis?

Feel free to share resources with us via the Comments Section.

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