Thursday, December 15, 2011

Selecting Group Coaching Exercises and Activities

Coaching exercises, conversations and activities form the backdrop of a group coaching process. In designing your next group coaching session (corporate or public, by phone or in-person), consider the following in selecting activities:

1. The level of trust and depth of relationships amongst the group members - How well does the group know each other? Trust each other? Do relationships span outside of the group coaching context?
2. The comfort zone of the group - Each group is going to have their own comfort zone. One group's stretch is another group's baby steps. Consider what the comfort zone is for the specific group yo u are working with.
3. Previous experience with the coaching process - Different groups will have different prior experience with the coaching process. If you are doing organizational work, does a coaching culture already exist? If not, ensure that there is clarity about what people can expect.
4. Progression of topics - Consider the flow of the program overall. How does one topic link to another. What pre-work would benefit the group in setting things up and having them come with some reflection and/or action already undertaken.
5. What people can expect/want as a takeaway - a final consideration may in fact be your starting point for selection. What can people expect or what do they want as the outcome of the session - exploration around an issue, clarity, goal setting action? Consider how different activities can be adapted for different purposes, or if in fact they have an emphasis on one approach more than another.

What other questions do you want to consider in selecting group coaching activities for your next session?

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Jennifer Britton, CPCC, PCC
Author of Effective Group Coaching (Wiley, 2010)
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