Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sherpa Executive Coaching 2008 Survey Results Just Released

The 2008 Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey results have just been released this afternoon. You can download your own copy of the entire report here.

This survey focuses specifically on executive coaching and the trends in this part of our industry. This year, almost 1300 professionals participated ( a mix of executive coaches, HR and training proessionals, life/personal coaches, trainers/consultants, and some purchasers of executive coaching).

Executive Coaching is defined in the survey as "regular meetings between a business leader and trained facilitator, designed to produce positive changes in business behavior in a limited time frame"

Some of the key findings included:
* The trend in executive coaching to shorter, limited engagements of 6 months or less
* Use of coaching primarily for leadership development purposes (50%), to address a specific problem or challenge (32%) or for professionals in transition (19% - promotions, transfers andnew hires)
* Adoption of industry standards for training and certification (ICF etc).

It's an interesting read, and again, limited to the field of executive coaching. Click the link to download your complimentary copy of the 2008 Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey.

It's encouraging to see the growth of more research in our profession. What interesting research have you come across lately? Feel free to comment below.

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Anonymous said...

The links to the survey are not working

Jennifer Britton said...

Thanks for the alert! The links are now fixed.

To access the 2008 Sherpa Executive Coaching Results you can visit:

Jennifer Britton said...
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synjones said...

I have gone through the article its interesting.I feel that there should be a training between the business people to trainee them business to produce the positive changes.Then it would be better for them.
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