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The 3 Rs to Group Program Development - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

The 3 Rs to Program Development - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
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Many of us are very familiar with the 3Rs to environmental action - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The 3Rs are a great principles to apply when developing your next group program - workshop, retreat or group coaching program.

1. Reduce - Follow the "Less is More" principle. Rather than trying to fit everything, including the kitchen sink, into your next workshop, apply the 80/20 rule, and set at least 20% of the content aside. This content can be used as the foundation for a new program or as follow -up to your program. Participants will thank you as they avoid overwhelm, information overload, and have a chance to really engage with, and integrate the material you do provide.
What program content can you reduce or practice the 80/20 rule on?

2. Reuse - What programs are you currently offering? How could you leverage and repackage these program offerings so that they could be delivered to a wider audience?

For example, over the years I have developed a number of different streams of group programs - The Your Balanced Life(TM) program, and the Biz Success program for Business Owners. I offer these programs in a number of different formats - 90 day group coaching program by phone, a weekend retreat, a virtual retreat, short term speaking engagements and also corporate workshops (Your Balanced Life). The skeleton and main content for each of these programs is the same, it's just put together in different delivery options with some changes to meet the needs of different groups.
What programs can you "Reuse" to meet the needs of different audiences? How could you deliver some of your current programs differently?

3. Recycle - I often talk about using the modular approach to program development where discrete mini-sessions are developed as separate entities, which can then be put together with other modules to create entirely new programs, depending on the needs of the audience.

Think about modular program development like building blocks of different pieces of lego. You may have a one hour module on Developing Your Vision, a one hour module on leadership, a one hour module on providing feedback, and one on values. Depending on the needs of the client, or the group you are developing your program for, you can select different lego pieces or building blocks to create an entirely different structure. With a few small tweaks to further customize, you've got a new program there!

What modules do you already have on hand? What can you construct from what you have right now?

Jennifer Britton
Since 1988, Jennifer Britton has been facilitating team and group programs (workshops, retreats and group coaching) for organizations, teams and groups across 14 countries, and many more virtually. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and offers programs for the general public as well as customized programs for governmental, corporate and non-profit clients. Through her company, Potentials Realized, programs focus on the areas of leadership, teamwork and business success.

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