Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Group Coaching Core Essentials - 6 of 18 - Add Structures to Support Engagement and Forward Action

Welcome back to our sixth of eighteen Group Coaching Core Essentials. This week’s focus is on the principle of “ Add structures that support the engagement and forward action between group members throughout the program.”

In coaching, it's often said that "the impact of coaching happens in between the sessions". Keeping people connected, and in dialogue, between calls is an important consideration for group coaching.

For example, peer buddies, Facebook groups, third-party community networks like mighty network.

Practically, you will want to:

·       Consider what elements will keep people connected

·       Support the learning, insights and conversations that happen in between formal coaching calls

·       Boost connection

·       Support accountability

·       Create an ongoing focus for group coaching members

 Group Coaching is always shaped by our group members interests and focus areas. Their needs and focus areas will shape where we go.

Later this week I will be talking about Group Coaching and Experiential Approaches to Marisa Murgatroyd’s Momentum community. In my conversation I am going to highlight the many different ways, and structures, we can use to support engagement, action and awareness for our group coaching members.

Consider these different approaches to group coaching:

  • Laser Coaching
  • Breakouts
  • Reflective Pause
  • PErspectives Work
  • Wheel of 
  • Action planning
  • Spider Web
  • Fishbone
  • Priorities
  • Visual prompt
  • Appreciations
  • Smart-E Goals

  Which ones of these do you want to incorporate? We cover a lot of these in the Group Coaching Essentials program (week 4) or you can read more about them in the appendices of Effective Group Coaching or From One To Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching

Activity this week:

Consider what engagement approaches you want to use.

If you are working virtually, which of the Five Engagement Levers™ will you activate?

What structures are you putting into place to support ongoing action?

What are you doing to support clients in diving deeper into the various layers of awareness. Be sure to check out what I write about the Iceberg of Coaching Awareness in Coaching Business Builder (Section 1) and my latest book ReconnectingWorkspaces.

Enjoy the conversation!



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