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Group Coaching Core Essentials - 5 of 18 - Leverage Best Practices

 GCCE #5- Leverage Best Practices

This week focuses on integrating coaching industry standards and best practices in your

group programs and business. 


Depending on the organization you are a member of, they likely have best practices around group coaching? 


For example, ICF allows you to track your group coaching hours in your Client coaching log, providing your group size doesn’t exceed 15 people. In addition, as a professional coach, do you have protection through professional liability insurance to protect yourself against a possible liable suit?


Facilitation and training are both valuable and very different from group coaching. There are processes you can integrate into your programs that support participants to build trust, safety, and connection, allowing them to go deeper in understanding who they are to take action, receiving the full benefits of group coaching. 


Principle – Follow group coaching industry standards, including ICF group coaching best practices, to support your clients’ and programs’ success while achieving your own professional goals.

Check out the research-backed best practices which shape Jennifer's book, Effective Group Coaching ,the world's first book to be written on Group Coaching. These are timeless.



Action: For example, you can count your program hours towards credentialing hours—for example, group size limit; and in doing so, create an intimate space to allow participants to go deeper and flourish. 


This week, consider incorporating industry standards and best practices via Goal setting, Accountability, Action, and Awareness in your programming. Consider reviewing:


* What logging structure do you have to ensure you are following industry standards for tracking your group coaching hours correctly? (group size, required information by ICF details, etc.)


*What processes can you include in your program to ensure that group and individual goals are satisfied?


*How can you integrate various learning styles to allow participants to deepen awareness and take action? 


*How can you adjust your programming to be further developed into other programs and services (on-demand, e-book, book, etc.) to continue supporting even more participants and feed your passions?


*How do you allow participants to share feedback to continue improving and evolving your program?


*What’s your next step re. Training/growth to further develop your group coaching skillset?


 *What professional coverage do you have to protect you as a professional coach? For example, professional liability insurance or professional indemnity insurance. 


This week's blog post was written by Evana Valle, the Team Lead for Group Coaching, at Potentials Realized. Join Jennifer and Evana for the next Group Coaching Essentials series starting in July on Tuesday July 12th (8.75 CCEs), or for the Practicum beginning on Tuesday June 21st at 830 am ET(10 CCEs).

With best wishes,

Evana Valle (this week's blog post writer) and Jennifer Britton

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