Thursday, May 12, 2022

Group Coaching Core Essentials - 2 of 18 : Individual and Collective Goals

Goals are at the heart of any coaching process. Our strong focus on support of the goals as set by our clients is what makes group coaching different than other modalities.

What are the ways you are working with goals in your programs? Are you spending time at the start of calls checking in on the progress people are making in their own pathways? Are you checking in at the end of recordings regarding what progress is being made towards individual and collective goals?

The balance between the focus of individual goals and collective or group goals can be different from program to program. Within some groups there may be meta collective goals like “Becoming a better leader” and then individual goals below this, for example, some members may want to focus on enhancing their presentation skills, while others may want to get better at managing relationships.

One technique that coaches may want to incorporate is the creation of a One Page Plan as part of the early field work in the program where individuals are able to articulate their own goals. Consider how these are shared in between conversations so group members can consider peer support.

Principle – Identify and add systems in your program to ensure group and individual goal alignment

Action: Ensure program and sessions fulfil their promise which making certain participant and group goals are focused on

This week consider how you are supporting goal setting and accountability in your programming. Consider

 What space and structures are you using to create space and time for individual group members to identify and articulate their own goals?

* What pause points are you creating across the coaching process to create milestone marker?

* What are you doing as a group to provide the opportunity for individual group members to share their goals with each other?

*  What are you doing to celebrate goal achievement?

* What are you doing to use goals as a way to support ROI (Return on Investment)?

For more on the One Page Plan take a look at this earlier blog post -

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 Enjoy the conversation!


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