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Group Coaching Core Essentials - 1 of 18: Clients at the heart of great programming

Recently, as part of our 18th anniversary celebrations here at Potentials Realized, we pulled together some new quick resource guides for coaches and leaders in our core areas of business – group coaching, team coaching, and remote and hybrid work.

Here at the Group Coaching Ins and outs blog we’ll be taking a regular (i.e. weekly) dive into our new one-page checklist for Group Coaching, by exploring each of the 18 Core Group Coaching Essentials weekly. If you don’t have a copy of the resource, you can access it here. It includes 18 core areas to support you in designing, running and marketing your group coaching work.

Principle #1 starts with our clients, who always are at the heart of great programming as a coach. 

Principle: Create group programs based on the needs and preferences of your participants.

Action: Consider how your clients impact marketing strategies, delivery methods, the duration of your program as well as the program topic.

Co-designing with participants is at the heart of great group coaching work. It’s important to really get to know WHO you are designing for as their needs will dictate whether your group is meeting weekly for a quarter, daily for a month, or bi-weekly for a year.

What do you notice about the needs of your clients?

In the Group Coaching Essentials program we take a deeper dive into learning more about client needs, in a couple of different ways. One is an interactive method we use during our GEC calls (often rated as one of the favorite activities of the program!), and another in the Group Coaching Client Assessment form. Check that out here.

Activity this week:

Thinking about your ideal client, paint a more detailed picture by asking these questions:

·       What is the cadence and rhythm people want with your programming?

·       What goals are your ideal clients working towards?

·       What accountability support are clients wanting?

·       What else is important to note about your clients and their needs and preferences?

Enjoy the conversation, and consider joining us for the next Group Coaching Essentials program to shape a program catered to your clients needs.

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