Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Project ideas - when you might have more time to dedicate to them

As most people around the world are digging in for an extended process of self-isolation, it's a time
when motivation for ourselves and our clients can be a challenge.
What are the things that are helping you get grounded and enjoy the time you have.
It may be a great time to get started on projects which you have not had time to complete in the past including some of these that I've flagged before:

Scanning the content you have created and using one of the theme's I earmarked for myself  - the 3 Rs - Consider how you can REDUCE, REUSE or RECYCLE Content. Can a former speaking engagement now become a blog post? An image for Instagram?

Harvesting some of the questions you have been asked to create a more extensive FAQ or document. One of my projects this winter was pulling together a new whitepaper on remote work. Little did I know how relevant it would be to so many teams. Download a copy here.

Check out a list of 10 summer project ideas for coaches from several years ago - there may be some ideas you want to check out.

Check out my 2017 8.5 minute audio in this blog post, along with a pertinent 2017 blog post on 5 ways to take your programs virtual (yes, I've been talking about this for a while!)

Here is a list of projects I'm working on right now, beyond my usual coaching work:
Building out a program that is connected to a manuscript related to remote work
  • Edits for a manuscript I started as part of last November's NANOWRIMO project
  • Working on initial design of a new product leveraging the power of icons
  • Creating a digital license for my newest card deck - the Conversation Sparker Journaling Deck which launched a few months ago as a hard copy deck but hadn't been offered digitally yet (digital is the way to go I've realized as we are no longer shipping items for the moment).
  • Cataloguing content created in my blogs
  • Writing out content for the 52 weeks series of blog posts for my podcast - RemotePatways. We're in week 11 with a focus on communication right now. Take a read, and be sure to download it.
  • Preparation for several corporate sessions which have moved from in-person to virtual;
  • Preparation for the upcoming Spring programs - including Friday's Mentor Coaching Group for ICF ACC/PCC, and Monday's Group Coaching Essentials program (8.75 CCEs), plus next Wednesday's one-day Virtual Facilitation Essentials offering (8.5 CCEs)  
  • Slowly tackling old files and paper that had taken over my desk
Want some inspiration? Grab a pen and check out some of the more reflective sessions I've recorded including the
Quarterly Review (27 minutes) - View it here
Annual To Do List (30 minutes) - View it here.
Vision Work (30 minutes) - View it here

Finally, here a list of of the projects coaches I'm working with are working on:
  • Building out new programs
  • Catching up on their coaching log
  • Updating websites
  • Catching up on transcriptions
  • Getting rest and recharging time
  • Getting reading done
  • Deep cleaning their office in terms of file etc.
  • Developing marketing strategy
  • Mapping out new podcast series
What is important for you to be focusing on at this time?

Hungry for connection with others? Join me Monday through Thursday at 12 noon ET for a Virtual Lunch for 20 minutes in my zoom room (270-302-0415) focusing on virtual conversations. Also consider joining us on Friday March 20th from 730-8 am ET for the Remote Pathways Community Call.


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Author of Effective Group Coaching (2010), Coaching Business Builder (2018), Effective Virtual Conversations (2017) and From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching (2013). Check out my author page on Amazon for all publications.


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