Monday, June 25, 2012

Great Summer Projects for Coaches

What are your plans this summer? Last summer I did a quick audio on some great summer projects for coaches. You can listen into it here.

What do you want to put some attention around this summer? Here are a few ideas for what you might want to incorporate into these slower days of summer. You might want to:
1. Create or update one of your products
2. Consider how a program you offer could be licensed
3. Spend some time coming up with a list
4. Spend time every day (15-20 min) writing for that book you have always wanted to do (yes, over time the pages do add up!)
5. Draft out/queue up some blog posts/articles for your target audience
6. Research some new venues or bridgelines to support your fall programs
7. Read those books that have been piling up on your nightstand, or in your e-reader!
8. Get into a routine that supports you personally and professionally -
9. Identify (and take action on) some marketing opportunities for the fall (i.e. new networking opportunities, speaking opportunities, etc).
10. Take stock of all of the resources, coaching tools and activities you have at your disposal

What activities will (re)fuel you this summer?

Have a great start to your week!

Best regards

Jennifer Britton, PCC, CPCC
Author of Effective Group Coaching (Wiley, 2010)
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