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Expanding your Group and Team Coacing Toolkit - Peer Learning (12)

Coaching conversations are not only an individualized approach. They can also be a powerful vehicle
Expanding Your Group and Team Coahcing Toolkit - Peer Learning
for peer learning. In group coaching, the conversation lens is usually wide and broad, providing coaching clients with an opportunity to get sparked by the stories and experiences of others, while still being able to focus in on their own areas.

Peer learning is a key part of many coaching processes and support processes. In this week’s post, I want to get you to start thinking about the role of peer learning in support of the varied coaching conversations you are having. Peer coaching skills also become important when you are hosting your group and team coaching conversations virtually, incorporating breakouts or peer partners where there is likely to be a lot more peer coaching conversations.

We often underestimate the power of peers in any process. Think about leadership or groups and teams you have been a part of. We often see that influence often happens more between peers, especially if trust levels are low.

If you are undertaking group or team coaching, it can be valuable to spend some time working with group members to develop and/or hone skills in the areas of:



Becoming Curious

Coaching, not advising

What are the peer skills which will be useful to cultivate in your work?

Check out the other peer coaching posts I have written here over the years:

Peers can also be powerful accountability partners throughout the coaching process. How are you supporting clients in accessing these resources for themselves?

Six Questions to consider (this week these are questions you might seed for others)

What’s the on thing you’d love to explore today?

What’s possible?

What’s important about this?

What’s another way of exploring this?

What else?

What are you committed to doing, not matter what?

Resources for peer coaching:

Marshall Goldsmith - check out his feedforward process and other great resources

From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching

What other resources do you recommend?

Enjoy your week,

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