Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flipchart Basics

This post is geared to coaches and facilitators who are new to working with groups in person. I often get asked about some of the basics of facilitation - how to create flipcharts, how to use post-it notes, etc. Today's post covers some flipchart basics for all of us to keep in mind when working with our next group in person. The picture above is me working with a wonderful co-facilitator of mine Sharon Miller at a couples retreat we ran in Muskoka a few years ago.

Flipchart Basics:

  • Use two colours – Watch use of red and green in case there are people in your group who are colour blind
  • Watch impact of All Caps/ versus larger and smaller font
  • Post flipcharts around room (ask for permission from venue)
  • Consider which flipcharts would be useful to have retained – ie. Ground Rules/Terms of Engagement
  • Creating list of topics to address/focus areas for coaching (Agenda Areas)- link to video
  • When capturing content – se participants words – if necessary have them rephrase/paraphrase themselves

When would use them:

  • Copy of Agenda
  • Ground Rules/Ways of working/Group Agreements
  • Wheel of ….Life/Management/Leadership/Business etc
  • Questions – discussion questions for pairs to consider, evaluation questions
  • Any graphics you want to share

It is likely that a majority of your learners have a preference for visual learning, so flipcharts can be an important part of the learning process.

What other tips would you suggest around using flipcharts?

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