Thursday, February 10, 2011

5 Great Sites to Spark Your Group Exercise Ideas

Questions, exercises and activities often form the backbone of any group program - whether it is a group coaching session, a workshop or a retreat.

Here are five websites that I continue to get inspiration from:
Business Balls - Some terrific resources and ideas for exercises, particularly for corporate environments. Highly adaptable for retreats, workshops and group coaching. Look under teambuilding/games -one of my favorite sites - Check out Link to Group Actitivities and Games - a good selection of some activities you can use with groups - adapt for your own icebreakers, energizers etc.
The Team Building Portal - Great resource site for team building - articles, ideas for exercises etc.
YouthWork's 2000 Game Collection - They may not be appropriate for each audience you work with, but what creative sparks do these ideas give you?

What are your favorite sources of inspiration? What resources would you recommend?

Also consider the following:
What tools do you already have at your disposal?
In addition to exercises/games how can questions or assessments add value to your group process?
What do you want to earmark for future program development?

Have a terrific week,

Jennifer Britton, PCC, CPCC
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Unknown said...

Are there sites that have group building games/exercises for PHONE group coaching?

Jennifer Britton said...

Hi Cal - Great question. None that I am aware of, but I will keep my eyes posted!

Cal Habig said...