Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Trends in Workplace Learning and Performance

The 2006 ASTD State of the Industry preview report has just been released. The information is quite fascintating and includes the following trends:

• $109.25 Billion was spent last year in the US on workplace learning and performance;
• The average number of formal learning hours per employee increased (anywhere from 35 hours – 43 hours);
• The average cost per learning hour fell;
• Globalization is continuing to provide challenge for organizations who want to expand their learning programs;
• Leadership development and Succession planning were the focus of some of the BEST organizations;
• The strategic link between learning and performance is growing.

As a coach or trainer, what is the impact of these trends on your business and work? What new possibilities exist for your work? What current offerings need to be revised?

You can order your copy of the ASTD State of the Industry Report at http://store.astd.org.

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