Monday, January 03, 2022

Setting Intentions - Group and Team Coaching - Week 1 of the 52 weeks series


Happy New Year! I am looking forward to bringing to you 52 blog posts this year on group and team coaching issues on a weekly basis.  They will be geared to provide you with implementable ideas and resources you can incorporate right away into any conversation you have with many, whether it’s group or team coaching.

Given that this first week of the year is a significant one for kick offs of new groups and team conversations, I thought it would be fitting to focus on the topic of working with your groups or teams to set intentions for the year.

Supporting our clients in intention setting is valuable for a variety of reasons including:

·       IT provides a focus or direction of where clients want to go

·       It supports a focus on mindset, not just action

·       It opens up the conversation to what’s possible! (and we know from research that helping our clients step into the realm of exploring “What’s possible, is at the heart of the coaching conversation).

So what can be do to support intention setting for the year?

Here are five different ways to work with intention setting, whether it’s at the start of the year, or start of a program:

·       Simply ask “What are your intentions for the year?

·       Use a card deck and have individuals select a card, or a photo representing their intentions for the year

·       Have people select a metaphor which represents their intentions for the year

·       Roll the Dice  - Whether you joined me for the 18th Annual Year End Group and Teams Program Call OR for one of our recent Remote Pathways calls, I’ve been enjoying sharing the Reconnecting Workspaces dice this winter. They will be ready for purchase soon.

·       DRAW It Out – Last year I became a Draw Your Future Certified Facilitator, and enjoy bringing this graphic facilitation process to my clients.

What would you like to do to create more of a focus on intentions with your group?

Enjoy your conversations,



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