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Reconnecting and Supporting Groups in the Return to the Office: 4 Things

Reconnecting and Supporting Groups in the Return to the Office

By Jennifer Britton, Fall 2021

This fall marks the return to the office in many places around the world. Whether individuals are moving back into the office, or moving to a hybrid workspace, or remaining distributed, it's an opportunity to reconnecting individuals, teams and groups. 

Over the last year I've spent a lot of time talking with teams, HR groups, coaches about the 7 Remote Enablers (TM), seven areas which help us soar in the remote space. When moving to this next phase of work, whatever it will look like, it's important that we provide a space for people to reconnect. 

This blog post focuses on four things you can do as a coach to reconnect and support groups in the return to the office. 

#1 - Provide space for connection. Leaving time and space for people to connect is at the foundation of a smooth return to the office. What formal and informal opportunities can be built in, to reconnect people?

#2 - Provide ample time for (re-) introductions - in many workplaces, and workspaces today people may not have seen each other for almost two years in person. There are likely to be several people who have never been physically in the building or having met their team mates, especially if they were hired after the pandemic started. As coaches in what ways can you provide a space for introductions.

#3 - Explore vision - Vision has been an important anchor for so many throughout the last few years. As I shared recently at the ICF Converge conference, revisiting and rearticulating vision is a key part of success in the remote and hybrid space. What are you doing to explore vision with the groups and teams you are working with?

Consider how you might:

  • Create Vision Boards on an individual basis
  • Create Roadmaps on an individual, group or team basis
  • Create Team Quilts
  • Bring in a graphic facilitator (like myself) to do a Draw Your Future process to map it out!

#4 - Revisit strengths - The ability to leverage strengths is a key part of success and in today's variable workspace this is no different. What opportunities can you create to introduce StrengthsFinder/Clifton Strengths or VIA Strengths to clients. Stimulating these conversations are important for individual contributors in a group setting, or for entire teams can be a valuable place to begin.

What is going to stimulate the conversations in the workspaces you support?

For more ideas pick up a copy of Reconnecting Workspaces, or join us for the next Reconnecting Workspaces Coach Certification (24 CCEs) to build out your toolkit.

We cover these topics more in-depth in the Team Coaching Essentials program as well. Next group starts November 9th.

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