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Remote Team Support - 5 Areas

Remote Team Support - 5 Areas

Remote Teams need support right now. As they move into month seven of the year of working remotely, many are struggling to feel connected and focused on their results. 

This year, I've continued to create and provide resources for remote teams, and those who work with remote teams. I thought it would be a great idea to highlight several that you might want to tap into:

#1 - Remote Teams Want to Feel Connected -  when teams can't congregate near the watercooler on a regular basis, an important informal channel of communication gets lost. As my Remote Pathways podcast host and I shared in our most recent community call, remote professionals benefit from a range of virtual co-working experiences. Check out the 8 different remote co-working experiences we highlighted in our call last week. You can view it here (30 minutes)

#2 - Signal that it's different - We all get in ruts, and one of the big ruts right now is ineffective team meetings. Make sure you co-create expectations in your virtual calls, signaling HOW it will be different than a usual call. Be clear on what you want to create in your virtual space together.

#3 - Help teams focus on results - A continued challenge for remote teams is alignment around results. What is everyone aiming towards? What are the things that are aligned? Are different. What are you doing to make goals visible for all? How are people tracking the?

#4 - Jazz up your repertoire of tools and resources - This summer I launched the Remote Team Builders on-demand program. Consisting of 9 micro-learning modules, this on-demand course takes you into key areas of support for remote teams. We explore the 7 Remote Enablers (I cover in the Remote Working Whitepaper I launched earlier this year), as well as exercises you can use in your work around openers and closers, collaboration, styles and strengths. The program also includes several worksheets and templates for you to build upon to create your own remote team experiences. Find out more and start today over at the Remote Team Builders course. You'll find it here.

#5 - Build on the foundations - With complexity being the norm today, it is even more important that we go back to the basics on many items. This includes the foundations of team success. This includes getting crystal clear on the goals, roles, vision and several other performance factors. Check out the 6 Factors for Team Performance I share in Chapter 10 of Effective Virtual Conversations OR over at the Teams365 blog.

What's going to help the teams you support excel?

What are the conversations you want to have?

If you have a copy of my 2017 book Effective Virtual Conversations, do check out Chapters 10 and 11 which focus on Virtual and Remote TEam Development and Leadership for more ideas. You can pick up a copy of EVC in Kindle or hardcopy at Amazon. 

Have a copy and are using it? Please leave a review for others to benefit from on Amazon or where you purchased your copy!

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