Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Using the Accordion in support of your group/team coaching design

In the last few weeks I've been supporting a number of coaches who are looking to sharpen their program designs. Given that there is always an inherent tension between pre-design and letting in all go as you hear about what your group members want and need in each coaching conversation, it can be  useful to design keeping the principle of the Accordion in mind. I write about this further in my latest book, From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching, as well as my first book.

As you consider your next group or team coaching conversation, what are the components that can be contracted (shortened) if the group or team also wants to spend some time looking at additional areas? Perhaps the focus of that week's conversation is having the team develop some Team Agreements around how they want to operate with each other, what they can depend on from each other and what their commitments are around other behaviors. Perhaps as the session starts it's apparent than an additional theme of managing in a changed priority realm is also key to the conversation. Keeping the Accordion principle in mind, you may already have something in mind around what can be shortened (or an alternative approach to working ith Team agreements that takes less time).

On the flipside, there may be instances where you want to take a deeper dive in service to the group or team. Thinking of those expansion points are also useful.

For those co-facilitating or co-leading, the principle of the Accordion can be a useful dialogue point so that you together can have a game plan or shared agreement of how you want to "dance" together.

As you consider an upcoming team or group program, consider what your accordion could look like. What are the segments that could be shortened? How might you do that? What segments could be lengthened?

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Jennifer Britton, MES, PCC, CPT
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