Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mentor Coaching Resources

With the start of  a new year a number of coaches set as one of their goals gaining their ICF Certification. Today's post is about mentor coaching. Since 2007 I've been supporting coaches towards their ACC and PCC certifications, either through individual mentor coaching, or through my popular mentor coaching groups.

Mentor Coaching for ACC renewals and ACC/PCC portfolio routes focus on the eleven core coaching competencies. Mentor Coaching provides you with an opportunity to look at and refine your coaching skills, whether you are working with individual, team or group coaching clients. Mentor coaching calls/conversations need to take place over a  minimum of three months. They can occur 1-1 or partially in a small group context. A maximum of 7 of your mentor coaching hours can be in a small group setting (maximum 10 coaches), although I cap my mentor coaching groups at 6 coaches.

In gearing up for renewal or a new application (portfolio or other) you will want to visit ICF's credentialing website.

Past posts I have written on the mentor coaching process include:
Mentor Coaching: Three Things to Consider. You can read it here.
Mentor Coaching: Four Things to Look For. You can read it here.

I also wrote an article for Choice article geared for coaches who want to mentor coach themselves. The article was entitled "Mentor Coaching: Developing Your Muscles and Refining Your Craft" (Volume 10. No 3). You can download a copy of the article by clicking the link.

My next mentor coaching group starts by phone on Thursday February 20th at 9 am ET/Eastern/New York. We will be holding group calls on Thursdays 9-10am ET/8-9 Central on Feb 20, 27, March 6, April 3, 10, May 1 and 22. We will also be scheduling individual calls in Feb/March, April and May. The program includes:
The program will include:
  • A look at each of the 11 Core Coaching Competencies (ICF)
  • Self Assessments of each competency;
  • Identification of your strengths, and blind spots as a coach;
  • Specific action steps to hone and refine your core coaching competencies;
  • An opportunity for you to practice and receive feedback on your coaching skills from Jennifer and your peers;
  • 7 hours of group mentor coaching;
  • 3 hours of mentor coaching individually with me (taken monthly in one hour mentor coaching sessions);
  • A letter of support, based on your successful demonstration of the 11 core competencies, and completion of the 10 hours.
 You can read more about the Mentor Coaching Group program here and register for one of my upcoming groups - I hope that you will join us!

If you prefer to undertake mentor coaching 1-1, here's the link to my 10 hour package for that individual work as well (ACC, PCC and CPCC).

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