Monday, May 07, 2012

Visual Supports in Your Group Coaching Work

Some of my fave visuals -

Many readers may have heard me talk about, and write about, the importance of visual supports in your work - whether it happens by phone or in person. Some research points to the fact that learners are increasingly becoming more visual, particularly as new generations enter the workforce.

Here are a couple of ideas for providing visual supports in your group coaching work:

1. Visual Explorer - Is use this terrific tool from the Center for Creative Leadership at least once a month with groups, if not more often. It is a great conversation starter and keeper. Visual explorer is a series of very vivid photographs. Coaching questions can range from selecting the photo which represents "what is your vision" to "what does ______ look like" (Fill in the blank according to the themes you are working around. I have used the tool with HR Managers, Engineers, police officers, UN personnel, safety individuals, educators, coaches. It always starts the conversation flowing! From my understanding there is also a digital version available which I think could be adapted for phone or web based group coaching work.

2. Points of View - the Coaching Game - I've been really pleased to see how they have continued to evolve the supports for coaches with this product, recently including instructions/directions on how to use the tool with groups.

3. Pinterest - I recently stumbled on Pinterest (see screen shot above)and am continually thinking about how I might be able to use the platform in the group coaching context. For now, you can check out the boards I have created on Group Coaching training, group coaching quotations, business building, and venue sites that I like. Enjoy! I look forward to connecting with you there.

What other visual supports/tools would you recommend?

Have a great week!


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