Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What's hitting your radarscreen?

Open any newspaper, or turn on the TV, and change being effected by the economy, and politics (particularly this week in Canada), is evident. In fact, a major theme of a team coaching engagement I completed this morning was all around change. Many of you who are coaches are probably finding more and more clients (individuals and teams) are wanting more around support for change.

I've been receiving some interesting links to what's being reported on in the learning and organizational realms from many of the professional associations I belong to like ASTD and CSTD. I wanted to share a number of articles which I have found interesting over the last few weeks.

It seems like business owners, trainers and coaches are being impacted in different ways. Depending on services, pricing, clients, diversification some businesses are flourishing, while unforunately others are having to close their doors. What is happening within your business right now? Where are you positioning yourself in 2009?

Here's an interesting article on Speaking Fees from the NY Times
Think Horizontal from the Conference Board (great article about teams)
The 2008 ASTD State of the Industry Report was also published last month. Check out for up to date industry information.

What interesteing resources have you come across lately?

Have a great week

Jennifer Britton, PCC, CPCC
Potentials Realized

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