Sunday, September 07, 2008

Essential Systems for Group Coaching Programs

I've had a number of emails, discussions and sessions with coaches over the summer who are looking to integrate group coaching more fully into their business. A common question I am hearing more and more these days is "What systems do I need to put into place?".

Great question and one that I wrote about back in December 2006 in a post originally called "Keep it Simple - Systems for Group Programs". Here's a recap of it:

Here are a number of systems you can put into place to facilitate your work and effort with group programs (Workshops, Retreats and Group Coaching):
1. An easy way to accept registrations
2. A list of your upcoming programs that you can quickly refer to (all in one place)
3. Credit Card processing facilities (so you aren't waiting for the check that is in the mail)
4. A list of possible venues for your group programs
5. A selection of bridgelines you can use
6. Recording facilities if needed
7. Course materials and/or modules completed that can be modified and combined for different programs
8. Promo material which can be adpated for new program announcements (e.g. postcards, website, blog, brochure or media kit)
9. A system to track course registration and payment information
10. A system to get the word out quickly to potential participants about your upcoming programs (enewsletter, facilities to post your information electronically, a mailing list)
11. A program/course overview or information package

These are just a few systems you may want to consider developing for your group programs as they evolve. The great thing about many of these tools is that once developed they can be reused every time you run the program, or when you add new ones.

Flash forward to 2008:

Looking back at this post which is almost 2 years old -- the essential systems remain the same. Here are a couple of systems changes I have also noticed recently:
  • Leaning in more to referrals as well as blogging, ezines and also post cards to spread the word about my programs
  • Continuing to offer Visa merchant services (by phone) in addition to PayPal. It is interesting how many clients want to pay offline, due to online payment experiences.
  • Recording calls becoming a much more popular must-have for participants (preferably with an online listening option)
Ask yourself:
What systems do you currently have in place that really work for your group coaching?
What one new system would really make a difference with your upcoming programs ?
What new systems would you add to the list?

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to post your comments below.

Warm wishes,

Jennifer Britton, PCC, CPCC
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