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Co-Facilitation Tips: Part 2

Co-Faciliation Tips : Creating the Foundation for Success: Part 2
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Earlier this week I posted some initial questions you may want to consider asking when starting a co-facilitation relationship in part one of this post. Creating conscious, intentional relationships can mean the difference between ordinary and exceptional. Participants also have a unique ability to pick up even subtle nuances or tensions between co-facilitators.

When starting to work together as a co-facilitation team it can be beneficial to spend in person (or phone based time) creating your partnership. Here are some additional questions you may want to add to that first or second meeting you are going to have.

Questions for co-facilitators to ask each other:

* What is our shared vision for this program?
* What is our philosophy as a co-facilitation team?
* What is my stake as an individual? What is our stake as a team?
* What can we do to keep on target?
* What will we do if we get off target?
* What is the essence that surrounds us?
* How and when will we check in with one another?
* What will I be responsible for?

Co-facilitation of programs provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to view and experience a positive collaborative partnership. It also provides a richer experience for the learners who can benefit from two different personalities, sets of life experiences, communication styles, and facilitation styles.

I hope that you find these questions useful as you move forward with your co-facilitation design. In part 3 of this post, I'll be sharing with you some concrete exercises you may want to consider weaving into your own design and preparation process.

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