Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Group Facilitation Tip - Our Bodies Know

This week's group facilitation tip is about connecting participant's with their inherent body wisdom. How many courses have you been at where the flow of informmation and knowledge numbs us? Where all you are craving is to get up and try things out, and let our bodies do the work?

I spent the long weekend, completing my training in relationship systems coaching work, and marvelled at how kinesthetic a program the Centre for Right Relationship, in conjunction with the Coaches Training Institute offers. With more of a focus on application and "doing", the learning I have taken away from both my co-active coach training and certification back in 2004, and my more recent relationships systems coaching, reminds me that our bodies always know. What we are able to access physically is often deeper and more sustainable than what our heads tell us. I see this so often with my individual and group coaching clients -- how we get caught in the mindset of our minds, and don't listen to the inherent wisdom of our bodies. Through a change in sensation, or temperature, our bodies do always send us a message.

In putting together your own programs, how often do you enable participants to tap into their internal knowing? How much time do you allow for individuals to find the answers for themselves? Much of this is actually linked to experiential education, which I plan to write a post on shortly.

Ask yourself, what can I do to access participant's wisdom during my programs?

If any of you have resources that you know would be useful related to this topic, please feel free to comment below.

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