Friday, November 18, 2005

Welcome to the Ins and Outs of Group Coaching

Welcome to the Ins and Outs of Group Coaching! As a Certified Coach (CPCC) who has been facilitating group coaching for several years now, I was very excited to hear about how group coaching is now catching onto the mainstream. As a coach who has been supporting many other coaches in North America over the last year to develop their own group coaching programs, I am hoping to bring this to a wider audience.

My intention with this blog is to provide coaches with tips, tools and information on group coaching, so you can be more successful with your work with group clients and in your business.

The interest is definitely there on the part of coaches, as well as the need for more infomation. After posting an offer to host a free-one hour session on Group Coaching on the Co-Active Network earlier this week, I had 30 coaches sign up in the first twenty-four hours to attend, from across North America, and as far away as New Zealand. Incredible.

Stay tuned for many upcoming posts filled with information and insights!

To your continued success in working with groups,
Jennifer Britton, MES, CPT, CPCC

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