Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Five Great Books for Coaches to Add to their Bookshelf/Reader

I often get asked about some of my favorite coaching books during the Group Coaching Essentials and Mentor Coaching Group programs. Here are five books I like, and continue to refer back to, in my own work:

1. Facilitative Coaching - Dale Schwartz and Anne Davidson. I really like the practicality of the exercises, tools and templates included in this book. Geared for more of the individual coaching conversation, many of these activities/resources can be adapted for team and group coaching. The book also includes a CD with the resources on it.

2. Coactive Coaching - Whitworth et al. Not only because I originally trained and certified through CTI years ago, I continue to find that the foundational principles of coaching are well spelled out. The appendix is also a terrific resource for new and seasoned coaches. It includes a wide array of powerful questions, inquiries and sample wheels (of life/business) you can use.

3. Appreciative Coaching - Binkert, Orem, Clancy. This book fuses appreciative inquiry and coaching. It's a wonderful resource, and I appreciated the questions and framework which can be brought into the individual coaching conversation.

4. Retreats that Work - Liteman et al. Many coaches also offer retreats for individuals, couples and teams. Retreats that Work is a fantastic resource, with exercises and designs galore. I have found myself referring back to it this spring several times as an inspiration source for retreats I have led.

5. The Coach U Essential Coaching Tools Book - This is a terrific resource for coaches looking for tools, worksheets and activities that they can incorporate into their work. Spanning everything from working with Tolerations to Resources for new Clients/Coachees, this is a great resource particularly for those starting their own practice/business.

What books would you recommend coaches add to their bookshelf or reader? As always, please feel free to comment below. You can also check out other suggestions I have in the online bookstore I created with Amazon. (Note this is an affiliate link).

Have a great week,

Jennifer Britton, PCC, CPCC
Author of Effective Group Coaching (Wiley, 2010)
Host of the Group Coaching Essentials teleseminar (6.75 CCEs, starting Wed May 23 at 7pm ET) and the Mentor Coaching Group (starting Friday June 1 at 1 pm ET)

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