Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Closing off a Group Coaching Process

Closure is an often overlooked element of any group program. We often spend a lot of time focusing at the start, and may pay little attention to the end. What do you want to incorporate into the closing of your next group program? Here are some things to consider:

1. Consider the tone you want to set

2. Do a walk through (as a group) of some of the highlights of the experience. Have individual group members share their insights.

3. Spend time sharing key goals achieved over the course of the program.

4. Leave time for group members to share:
  1. What their next step (s) is.
  2. Who they are going to be accountable to.
  3. What might get in the way.
  4. What will support them in achieving success.
5. Bring in a closure activity like using Visual Explorer and having participants choose a picture which represents their vision or next steps. OR if you are in person and are able to use the natural surroundings, have people take a silent walk and bring back an item which represents who they are/their vision (i.e. a feather which might represent ability to see the big picture, or flexibility).

For many of my in-person programs, I arrange with the group a time for a group follow up call 2-4 weeks after the end of our process. It's a great chance to keep the momentum going, and also check in around these topics outlined above. I often hear thanks for arranging this as it resurfaces people's commitments and ups the bar on accountability.

What closure activity do you want to bring into your next group work?

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