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7 Ways to Create a Pause in Group Coaching - Day 8 of the Countdown to 2020

One of the benefits of group coaching which many coaching clients mention is that they like the
7 Ways to Create a Pause in Group Coaching
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"pause" coaching creates. When I went to write and research Effective Group Coaching more than a decade ago, one of the greatest benefits people signalled group coaching created was the "pause". This was also reflected in the research I did a few years later as I wrote and researched From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching.

Pauses provide an opportunity to stop, reflect and take more intentional action. In a 1-1 coaching conversation it can be very clear what a pause can look like, but what about in a group coaching context?

Here are ten different ways to create a pause during a group coaching conversation. It can include:

1. Breakout work with a partner - rather than always going "Around the room" to hear from each group member, consider leveraging breakouts and having group members pair with others. Check out the earlier posts on 10 ways use breakouts in this countdown to 2020 series.

2. Dedicate a few minutes during the call (at the start, or end) to intentionally pause and let people reflect. This could be a couple of minutes spent in silence, having people create a mindmap of their thoughts or give people a few minutes to journal.

3. Provide group members with a journal and provide 2-5 minutes each call to journal.

4. Schedule a half day retreat with the groups you work with. Wheter it 's hosting a virtual retreat or a "Get things done" session, meeting with your groups for a longer block of time to stop and take action can be well received. The half day "Get things done" virtual retreats I host quarterly are some of the favorite events of many programs.

5. Have a few minutes of "offline time" for people to get up, move around and see things from a different perspective. This is just like inviting people to go for a walk by themselves in an in-person program.

6. Incorporate visual cards.  Many of you know my affinity for incorporating visuals into group programming. If you haven't seen me talk about it - check out this 2016 video (yes - it is dated but the content is still great!) I did as part of one of the weekly blabs I hosted.

7. Bring a hands on exercise - whether it's creating a model of your saboteur/inner critic, or creating a vision board, what's the hands-on, tactile exercise you can use.

What else might you do to create a "pause" and something a little different in your next group coaching conversation. Share with us your insights using the link below.

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