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10 Ways to Use Breakouts in Group Coaching - Day 7 Countdown to 2020

Welcome back to the Countdown to 2020. I took several days off for the holidays and hope that you
10 Ways to Incorporate Breakouts Into Your Group Coaching
will be doing so too, this week and next!

Today's 10 Ways countdown post focuses on 10 different ways to use breakouts in group coaching. Whether you are meeting in a physical space OR using a zoom breakout, breakouts provide an opportunity for group members to connect, and articulate what is important to them. This is key in a group coaching process where it's not just about listening to others, but also having air time yourself.

Several things to keep in mind as you go to incorporate more breakout work into your own group programs:
1. Give enough time - it does take time for people to get out to their room, set up process and then move into the conversation. 8 - 15 minutes may be a good range for a more substantive process.
2. Assign roles such as time keeper, leader of the conversation, note taker etc.
3. Be very clear with what you want to do. Show, describe and share again, the question you want people to discuss.
4. Keep breakout room size small. The more people in a room, the more likely "Social loafing" is going to occur where no one, or fewer, people will speak. Breakouts of 2 or 3 are quite common, especially in the remote space.
5. Keep people updated re: instructions and/or timing using the broadcast function if there is one.
6. Consider how you will have people share key learning from each group. Is there a presenter verbally or does each group share their top 3-5 ideas in the chat. Consider this BEFORE people go to breakout.

To round out our top 10 today (with a couple of bonuses), here are several ways you may want to incorporate breakouts:
1. Have people share the most important thing they have heard in what you have been discussing or exploring.
2. Have people share the one step they will take to put things into action.
3. Have people share the one resource they use as it relates to that topic. OR
4. Provide group members with a powerful question as it relates to the topic.

What can you do to incorporate more breakouts into your group coaching conversations?

For more on this topic, be sure to check out the call I did on Breakouts that Sizzle, part of the Effective Virtual Conversations book club calls.


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