Thursday, August 02, 2007

Want to be blogging yourself by the end of next week?

I said yesterday that this month's focus is all about marketing. Blogging is actually a really important part of my marketing strategy -- how about you? Do you want to be blogging yourself by the end of next week?

Andy Wibbels, blogger extraordinaire, and author of BlogWild!A Guide for Small Business Blogging is offering his fantastic Easy Bake Weblog intensive program starting on Monday at 8pm (EST). It's a four day intensive program, which will take you step by step to building, creating, and marketing your own blog (using the TypePad platform). Find out more here.

If you've been siting on the fence about starting your own blog or amping up your own, Andy's course will get you off of it! I've heard him speak a number of times and am always taking away some great information. If you are just starting out you'll be getting the goods right from the expert.If you have been blogging for a while Andy will be able to provide you with even more tips.

Check out his Easy Bake Weblog program and you will be blogging yourself by the end of next week!

Let us know how it goes ~

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