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Group Faciltiation Tip - Keeping the Momentum Going

Keeping the Momentum Going
Copyright 2007 - Jennifer Britton

This week's Group Facilitation Tip is all about keeping the momentum going with the groups that you work with, whether in a corporate environment or the public domain.

What do you do in your programs to keep participant's momentum going after the program? This is an issue very dear to my heart, and in fact is one of the main reasons why I became trained and certified as a coach. Prior to lauching my business I worked as a global manager for over a decade. Given my former background in the area of small group facilitation, I was often tasked with staff development and learning, and in later years, facilitating head office retreats and other programs.

One question I kept asking myself, after these powerful, intensive programs together was "How do we keep the learning alive?". Coaching is a wonderful tool to keep the learning alive after a workshop or retreat, and can support participants in integrating their learning into the work context.

How do you as a coach keep the learning alive, and momentum going, after your group programs? Some of the structures I have built into my own group programs include:
* Follow up calls 4-6 weeks after a teleseminar or a retreat. It is wonderful to connect with participants again to find out what's working, and what roadblocks are still there. Many participants comment that this follow-up call keeps them in momentum, or kick-starts them again.
* Community Calls on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. Because I have run a number of my programs for several years, there is starting to be a large alumni base. One of the things I have started offering this year for some of the programs is a free community call for a one-hour period. It's the chance for past participants to reconnect and also get a booster shot -- whatever that may look like.
* With most corporate clients I work with, I develop a long term relationship, so that I am not popping in and out of the organization or team. There are a number of ways you can keep the momentum alive with corporate teams -- so many that I think that this will be another post!

These are by no means the only way to stay connected with your participants, and to create a structure to support their ongoing momentum -- what approaches do you use? As always, feel free to comment below.

Have a wonderful start to your week,

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