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Group Facilitation Tip - Debrief Exercises

Group Facilitation Tip - Debrief Exercises
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Exercises are the backbone to any group facilitation program. Are you getting the maximum impact out of them?

My roots in group work are from the experiential education field which is is grounded in interactive exercises. I must say that I tend to bring number of tools forward within my current work from the field of experiential education.

In experiential education, the debrief process after the exercise is just as important as the exercise itself. The debrief stage focuses on creating a framework for participants to identify and lock in their learning. Often a 1:1 or 2: 1 ratio will be used for activity:debrief. The gift of the debrief process is to provide participants with space to reflect on and learn from what they have just experienced.

Usually the experiential education model is divided into three parts -- What? So What? Now What?

For example, when debriefing exercises you might lead with a selection of questions such as:
What: What was that exercise like? What did you notice/observe? What was the most challenging thing about that activity? What was the easiest?

So What: So what did you learn? So what are your new insights? So why is this important?

Now What: Now knowing what you know, how can you take this forward in your work/life?

I still use this basic framework in most of the group programs I run -whether they are group coaching programs, a workshop or retreat.

In your own programs, how do you create the space for participants to identify their learning and new insights from activities? How do you create structures to take this forward?

I hope that you have found this week's group facilitation tip useful -- I would love to hear your comments!

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