Monday, January 27, 2020

Team Coaching or Group Coaching - What's the Difference?

For many coaches reading this blog, it's likely that you undertake both team coaching and group
coaching with different clients. Sometimes, when we are brought in to work with a grouping at an organization, we're asked to coach a group, and we find out it's really a team. Likewise, we may be engaged to coach a team and find out it's a group.

Consider these examples - a coach is asked to coach and handful of new leaders at an organization. They all come from different parts of the business and don't report to each other. In fact, many of them are just meeting each other for the first time.

Second, a team coach is engaged to work with a group of professionals who are being brought together to execute a special project. Over the next 2 months they are expected to design and implement a new process.

So, which is which?
Example 1 - a group.
Example 2 - a team

What's the difference? When we are coaching a team there's a web of relationships, history and common purpose that we are stepping into. When we coach a group, it's likely that the group is starting to form.

A significant different as well is the type of entity and focus we bring to the conversation.
As a team there is, or aspirationally there is, is a shared purpose, mission and vision. They exist for a reason. Teams exist to produce results. The relationships and people which make up that body are central in creating the results they get  even a remote team. The focus in team coaching is on supporting alignment across the team. It's about helping people see their connectivity and alignment together.
In group coaching in contrast, there may not be a significant amoutn of connection or even similarity in their work, their focus, yet, group members can benefit significantly from connecting with and exploring topics of similar interest together. Going back to the examples above, it can be very valuable to connect with other leaders in different parts of an organization, or even across an industury.

When coaching a team, it can be advantageous to explore the various factors which makes a team excel. From Hackman and Wageman -- check this publication, to Katzenhach and Smith, we know that there are several elements which help make a team excel. From clear roles and goals, to a shared vision, and regular practices like team meetings, to everyone understanding what success looks like and how they are measured. These become even more pronounced in the remote and virtual space. For more on this check out the new Remote Pathways Podcast I co-host. We are just at Episode 5 and delve into the different people, places and pathways to remote work. You may also want to check out the Expanding Your Group and Team Coaching Toolkit post I wrote a few months ago on Team Effectiveness

Consider how you might leave space for a team to explore where they are along each of these areas.

For a more detailed look at the difference between group and team coaching, please check out thees articles I have written in the last few years for choice Magazine.

Here's a link to "Group and Team Coaching - The Landscape of Many" as published in Choice Volume 19  - Click here to download 
or  Group and Team Coaching - Valuable Modalities for Today's Organizational Context, Volume 16 of Choice. Click here to download

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Author of Effective Group Coaching (2010), Coaching Business Builder (2018), Effective Virtual Conversations (2017) and From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching (2013). Check out my author page on Amazon for all publications.

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