Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Expanding Your Group and Team Coaching Toolkit - Fluidity (28)

This week's Group and Team Coaching Toolkit focuses on the topic of Fluidity. Operating in an era of VUCA, where things are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, means that what worked
yesterday may not work today.

In supporting our clients, one of the skills we may explore is the concept of Fluidity. I often liken fluidity to be a combination of flexibility and adaptability.In my former role as a leader of teams, I often said that this was one of the hardest skills to hire for, but one of the most important. It's difficult to teach flexibility and adaptability, and this may require a mindset shift as well as a change in terms of how we operate. Learning to become comfortable with the unknown, learning to become comfortable with not knowing, and learning to embrace change and what might appear to be chaotic, can all be elements of work in this space.

What does fluidity mean and look like for each person we work with? I like to start the conversation here  and generally have people use questions and possibly visuals to enter into the exploration of this.

Questions to consider:
1. What does fluidity mean to you in your work/life?
2. What is important about being fluid?
3. What's the opposite of fluid in your work/life/team? What does it look like? What impact does it have?
4. What would make you/your work/your systems be more fluid or flexible?
5. What can you do to cultivate more fluidity?
6. What else is important in exploring this topic?

This is an area where using visual cards or images can create new awareness and insight. You might have people draw or sketch out what FLUIDITY, or Flexibility or Adaptability means to them.

Like the water metaphor in this week's photo, you could also have them sketch out bodies of water, or the voyage down a river with key spots along the way (i.e. eddies, rapids, slow turns, bays, coves etc).

Coaching around this area can be a very creative conversation. Join me next Monday, January 13th from 11 - 11:30 am ET as I explore different approaches for working with visual cards in one of my community calls this month. You can join me live in zoom room 270-302-0415. The call will also be recorded and you can catch up with it at my YouTube Channel as well.

Enjoy the conversation,

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