Thursday, October 11, 2012

Partnering and Co-Facilitation: 10 Questions

Partnering with others, as co-facilitators, subject matter experts or collaborators, can be very useful in team coaching, and also larger group engagements. The advantages of  having more than one set of eyes, along with different perspectives, language and approaches can be beneficial for both the group/team and also the coach or facilitator.

What are some key ingredients in making partnering and co-facilitation work? Here are some things to consider:

Great partnering and co-facilitation doesn't just happen. It takes a lot of planning - pre-program, during design, in the moment and also after an engagement.  At each of these stages there will be key issues you will want to explore together, and possibly delegate for taking the lead on.

Communication is key between the collaborators. At each stage listed above you will want to be in conversation around questions such as:
- What is our common vision for this work?
- What are we committed to creating with this team/group?
- What strengths are we bringing - individually? Collectively?
- What complimentary skills do we bring? What gaps exist?
- What are the key components each person is going to run with? (Pre-program, during the program, post -program)?
- What roles do we want to play? What roles do we need?
- What is important for our work - individually? Collectively? For the group/team we are working with?
- What needs to flex - pre-program, during the program, post-program?
- What are we committed to NO MATTER WHAT?
- What type of feedback to each other will make this a really GREAT engagement?

These are by no means a cumulative list of questions you will want to be in communication around, but they are a great starting point.

As you think about your upcoming work, how could a collaborator provide added value to what you are creating?

Have a great week!

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