Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coaching Business Builder - Planning and Tracking

In project management we have an old adeage that 1o minutes of planning can save up to 60 minutes of unfocused work. How much time do you spend on a daily or weekly basis, planning short, medium and long-term tasks? Do you have a clear list of what's really important for you to tackle today?

As a coach building their business, planning is only one part of the equation. Ensure that you track your results - new clients acquired, speaking sessions booked, new registrations received. Tracking can be done on paper or on your larger business plans. When new business comes your way, make a practice of asking where they have heard about you/the service. This can provide you with valuable inforrmation of knowing what marketing strategies are having an impact.

Questions to Consider:
What are the most important and urgent tasks for me to undertake today? This week? This month?
What tasks am I avoiding? What do I need/want to do about this?
What tasks do I need to let go of?
Have I done enough planning, and really need to get into action?
What action do I need to take today? This week?
What activities do I want to track?
What am I noticing about where my recent business has come from? What are the sources? What can I do to amplify these?
What activities may need tweaking because I'm not getting the impact I want?
What do I need to let go of?

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