Sunday, February 06, 2011

Coaching Business Builder - Do They Know, Like and Trust You?

This past week I spoke to a group of coaches in the Group Coaching Essentials program on the importance of relationships in any marketing of coaching services. Whether you are delivering individual coaching, group coaching, workshops, teleseminars or retreats, word of mouth or referral marketing is typically the best marketing strategy around. This means that it's important to undertake activities which allow your propsective clients/participants to get to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you. This is a very old marketing adeage, and holds true for building your coaching business. People are more apt to buy a product or service from a person or company that they know, like and trust.

As you move through this week reflect on the following:

1. What am I doing to get others to KNOW Me?
- What activities are you undertaking so that others get to know you?
- How are you "getting out" of the office and "in front" (even virtually) with your target market?
- What's the image you are portraying? Is this what you really want?

2. What am I doing to have others LIKE Me?
- Ask: How is what I am offering answering the challenges and opportunities facing my ideal market?
- Ask: How is what I am doing in my marketing (writing, speaking, teaching) helping and adding value?
- Ask: How is what am I doing that is different, and even better, than what others are offering?

3. What am I doing to have others TRUST ME?
- Am I following through with what I have promised?
- Am I walking my talk?
- Am I being authentic and in integrity with my business practices?

As you move through this week and work on your business development, I hope that it will be useful to reflect on these questions.

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Have a terrific week!


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