Friday, November 19, 2010

What's needed in a Group's Forming Stage?

Many coaches are familiar with the Group Dynamics model or stages from Bruce Tuckman. His work asserts that groups go through several stages - forming, storming, norming, performing, and ultimately adjourning (or completion/closure). These stages usually play out in the background of a group coaching process, making it important to be aware of for coaches.

What's needed by a group in the forming stage? Reflect for yourself on some of your most recent group experiences. Chances are you wanted information who was in the room (or on the line), what to expect, the different roles and the terrain you would be covering.
In the forming stage people are usually at their most vulnerable. They may feel uncomfortable and be unclear as to what to expect. In this stage, it is important for a group coach to be directive and provide information, creating a safe, and confidential learning environment.

What should group coaches make sure they cover, or provide the room for, at this stage:
* Introductions - of yourself, and of each other
* Ground Rules - including the ever important one of confidentiality
* What people can expect from a group coaching process
* A high level overview of the program
* Any other logistical pieces of interest
* Designing the Coaching Alliance

What else do you think is needed in the forming stage? Are there any exercises you find useful in this first or second session with a group? As always, I invite you to comment here at the blog.


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