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Expanding Your Group and Team Coaching Toolkit - Systems at the Heart of Your Business

Systems are at the heart of any business. The word systems means a lot of different things to different
people. In one of my current writing projects I was curious how many different definitions there are around systems. I took a look over at who provided these nine different definitions. From systems as a method or set of practices, to working with a system such as an ecosystem.

Over the next few weeks of Monday posts we’ll be looking at systems in several of these ways. First, systems for your business as a group of team coach. Next week, systems in terms of working with the system of a team or group.

Why are systems important for business.

They help us scale and grow

Systems help with replication and ensuring that things are done similarly across a business.

Over at the Coaching Business Builder blog, I have included a variety of posts around systems, including a Systems Checklist for you to use. Be sure to check it out:

There are several main areas coaches will want to explore for their own business including:

Financial Systems:

o What needs updating?

o Cash Flow review

o Review sales

o Review expenses

o Invoicing

o Accounts Receivable

o Review cards and credit -what are rates like?

Marketing Systems:

o Review website – about page

o Review website – current offerings up to date

o Marketing material up to date

o Marketing/promo material in stock (cards, post cards etc)

o Consider 15 – 20 different titles. Pick the best one.

o Graphics updated

o Identify how this will be shared? (i.e. other channels)

o Consider graphics

o Draft graphics

o Links are current?

Social feeds up to date (FB, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In)

Communication Systems:

o Include photo of you

o Schedule posts for Facebook

o Schedule posts for Instagram

o Schedule posts for ______

o Is the content mentioned in your newsletter?

o Let current clients know about the resource

Client Systems

o Files up to date?

o Logs up to date

o Agreements/letters

o One thing I said I would do…

o Onboarding materials

o Other: _______________

o Other systems:

o Write down ideas and/or draft repurposing while it is fresh

o Back up completed

o Content created

o Networking

o Publishing

o Plans up to date

Trackers up to date?

When coaching many (coaching groups or teams) it’s important to get systems in place before your work expands too much. The number o different clients you work with can warrant a focus on systems early in the process.

When working with groups

When working with groups, especially groups of entrepreneurs, it may be useful to take a look at the five areas of systems listed here. Which ones need attention? Which ones are well established?

Are there best practices which group members have emerged which can help each other?

When working with teams:

When working with teams, business systems can play a key role in ensuring consistency and alignment across the team. Systems play an important role in sharing information, pointing to resourcing required, and ensuring access to key information.

What systems does the team have in place? What’s working? What’s not?

Six Questions:

What systems exist?

What role do systems play in terms of supporting the team or group?

What’s working?

What’s not?

What needs attention?

What best practices can people tap into so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel?

Enjoy your reflections,

Jennifer Britton, CPCC, PCC – Potentials Realized 
Leadership | Teamwork | Business Success
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