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Expanding your group and team coaching toolkit (23): Momentum

We are a few days away from the start of November, which is often considered the “last mile” of the year, by many. It can be the time to make sure we get things done! Today’s topic is all about momentum. Sometimes getting things done isn’t as much about making huge steps happen, but leveraging the momentum we’ve created.

The tagline for my two recent planner workbooks  - Coaching Business Builder and PlanDoTrack (for Remote Professionals)  - is Daily Steps + Consistent Action =  Momentum™

In effecting change, it is often not about the huge steps we undertake but the smaller, consistent actions we undertake that make such a big impact over time.

I was interested to see if I could track when I first started talking about momentum with my clients.

Here’s what I found from a newsletter article to my 90Days BizSuccess Groups back in the mid-2000s:

Building Momentum Towards Your Goals - Create The Tipping Point 

Momentum = To Move Forward

Momentum is a powerful tool in the achievement of goals. Have you ever noticed how things literally start to snowball and take on a life of their own, once a certain point is reached?

Many times momentum is gained through these very steps you are taking throughout the 90 Day BizSuccess Program. Momentum is most often about the cumulative impact of smaller actions not just one giant step.

What are you noticing about momentum you have gained in the throughout this program? What's getting easier? What's becoming effortless? What can you leverage to get more momentum?

What's the one area you want to ensure the momentum sustains itself within?
(Originally published as part of the 90 Days BizSuccess program support emails)

When working with groups such as business owners,  it can be useful to explore the topic of momentum on the individual lens to help people with planning, or reflecting on what steps they are taking consistently to create some movement.

When working with teams, helping teams understand their collective momentum, is important. What are the things helping the team overall – this may include alignment, focus, clarity etc. Have the team identify what the things are that are helping the team get some traction and momentum.

Just like a snowball rolling down a hill, momentum can eventually take on alife of its own. It can be invaluable to focus in on what is creating action and some “life of it’s own”.

Creating momentum is also an important part of the coaching process.

Consider incorporating some of these questions to your upcoming conversations:

What does momentum mean for you?

What specific actions are you taking on a regular basis, consistently to create momentum?

Where are things “Taking on a life of their own”?

What’s helping with momentum (clarity, goals, alignment etc)?

What is a quick win for you?

What is going to help you be successful?

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