Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Expanding Your Group and Team Coaching Toolkit - Results (4)

We’re moving into week 4 of the 52 weeks of building your team and group coaching toolkit. Following closely behind the topics of coaching for action and awareness, come this week, and next week’s focus of RESULTS and RELATIONSHIPS.

When coaching teams particularly, supporting them to identify the results they are aiming for is key. This goes hand in hand with Relationships.

This week, let’s take a look at RESULTS.

On the group level, it’s likely that within a coaching group each group member will be striving for a set of individual results. There may be a common set of results people are aiming for across the group – such as “Building my business” or “Becoming a better leader”. If there is too much divergence in the goals and results coaching groups are looking for, it is possible that there is not enough synergy and cohesion.

At the team level, results may be collective as well as individual. A significant amount of the coaching process may revolve around supporting the team to:

  • Clarify what results are – across the team, as it relates to other parts of the organization and/or with the overall organization;
  • Create alignment around how things are measured and reported on;
  • Understand everyone’s contribution;
  • Understand how one task/result impacts another

Coaching Tools you might include are:
1.       SWOT
2.       Strategic Issues Mapping
3.       Exploring the Values of the team and how these are translated to action, and therefore results
4.       Action Plans
5.       What success will look like….
6.       What else?
7.       Five Whys Coaching tool

I’ll expand on each one of these in this week’s Facebook Live – join me over at Effective Group Coaching this week for the call.


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