Thursday, December 03, 2015

December Progamming - Business Building, Planning For 2016, Learning Lab and Design Studio

As we step into the month of December attention turns to planning for 2016. 

I'll be holding a one day live virtual business planning session which includes the 8 hour live program by phone with me, plus you get ongoing access to the on-demand Inner Biz Leader Virtual Business Planning Retreat. Throughout the day, and the on-demand program, we'll be focusing on supporting you to develop your business vision and plan for 2016 while also leaving space for you to tackle (and possibly check off!) one of your projects of choice. In past virtual retreats I've had coaches focus on their websites, their blogs, work on program and service offerings etc. Regular cost for the one day Virtual Retreat with me and ongoing access to the Inner Biz Leader on-demand program is $497. Save 35% until Midnight on Monday December 8th using this link.

Prefer something shorter and more compact? the Coaching Business Builder: 12 Core Tips is now available to you at the Learning Lab and Design Studio our new online learning portal for asynchronous courses (i.e. on-demand programming). This program covers 12 core areas for business development and provides you with short activities to get into action. Cost $59 US.

Last week I also launched my newest digital resource - 40 Ways to Work with Visual Cards. Many of you may know my penchant for working with different visual decks in group and team programs. I've pulled together detailed instructions on 40 different activities you can use, and also provide you with 5 worksheets you can use "as is" with your groups. Introductory pricing is $40 US -that's only $1 an activity! Click here to learn more and order the 40 Ways e-manual. If you are looking for cards to use consider the Conversation Sparker Cards orthe Teams365 Team Sparker Deck.

I will be hosting my 12th Annual Year End Call this year on the blab platform on Thursday December 10th from 12-12:30 pm Eastern. I hope that you can join me on blab. I'll cover some of the trends from the past year and share a few forecasts for 2016. No cost for this call other than your own time.

In January the Group Coaching Essentials program turns 10! For some time now coaches and alumni have asked What Next? What Else can I tap into for ongoing support around my own development as a coach, and support for group and team programs? You can now join me at the Learning Lab
and Design Studio for a 6 or 12 month membership. This includes two group calls per month, plus a once a month Facilitation Lab call where we experiment with and use a different resource for group and team work. It also gives you access to me once a month for 1-1 coaching call. Also at your fingertips will be dozens of hours of audio, video and written resources for group and team coaching. It's geared for coaches, and other professionals who are looking for ongoing support in the area of group and team programs, and coaching in general, who are looking for a network of colleagues to learn with, grow with and experiment with. For more information and to grab your seat in the Lab click here. I hope that you will consider joining me in 2016 at the Learning Lab and Design Studio. It's going to be  blast. Cost for a six month membership is $1250 US (which means that you get one month free. The monthly cost is $250 US or $2500 US for the year). Learn more or sign up here.

Looking forward to having many rich conversations this month and as we move into 2016.

Have a great month,

Jennifer Britton, MES, CPT, PCC
Group Coaching Essentials | Potentials Realized

Author of Effective Group Coaching (Wiley, 2010) and From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching (Jossey-Bass, 2013)

Join me at the Learning Lab and Design Studio for ongoing group and individual coaching support during 2016. Six and twelve month packages now available. 

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