Monday, April 20, 2015

What's the Difference Between Group and Team Coaching?

A common question I often get asked what's the difference between group and team coaching? How are
they different and how are they the same.

I like to call group and team coaching related siblings, and the good news is, many of the skills are the same. What is different is how you might work with each "grouping". There are several key differences in terms of the role of relationships, leadership, how the process is sustained between conversations, and also what's at stake.

An article of mine on these differences between Group and Team Coaching was recently featured at Choice Magazine in the spring edition which spotlights Group and Team Coaching. For practitioners, it's a must read-edition, with other authors included such as Marita Frijohn of CRR and ORSC and David Clutterbuck, author of Coaching the Team At Work.

You can download a copy of my Choice Magazine article over at  the Resources page of the From One to Many website.

You might also find the two digital chapters on case studies which accompany (but are not part of) the From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching book. You can download these two chapters here (use code 4411 when prompted).

What do you see as the differences between group and team coaching? What different approaches do you use with each grouping?

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Jennifer Britton, MES, CPT, PCC, CPCC
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