Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Group and Team Coaching: One Size Does Not Fit All

The variety which shows up in my work with teams and groups is what keeps me energized, and I do
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believe more effective, . Whether it is a new program I am rolling out with a team, or a new coaching group I am taking through the 90 Day BizSuccess program with, each group and team experience is different. One size does not fit all.

As you will note throughout my years of writing here at the blog, I often write, It Depends. Our work as coaches is highly customized, and needs to be shaped by their realities, priorities and preferences.

As you consider how to work with your clients, put them front and center. Ask yourself:
What are their needs? What are the top issues or questions keeping them up at night? What are the issues they are really grappling with?

What are the styles at play? Each group we work with will have a variety of personalities, ways in which they see the world, and ways they learn. Are these people who see the world in broad strokes or fine details? Providing your clients with an assessment such as MBTI, Everything DiSC, Insights or other, can provide them with valuable information, as well as cues for you in terms of what different approaches you may want to bring in. For example, if you know that the group has a preference for learning through action, versus reading, this may prompt you to bring in more experiential processes, rather than reading activities between touch-points.

How long do they want to meet for? Some coaches are successful in launching and running year long group coaching processes. Personally, most of my clients have a much shorter window of time they feel comfortable committing to. Three to four months is usually their window of time. What are your clients preferences in terms of length they want to meet for each touch point and the sessions overall?

In person or virtual? Each group and community is different. Throughout the summer months I work in a smaller rural setting where people value a face to face connection. The rest of the year I am based in Toronto where we face one of the longest commute times in North America. Rather than meeting in person on a weekly basis, I usually find many of my Toronto based clients prefer either more intensive meetings (i.e. full weekends, half days over several weeks) or phone based work.

As you consider your clients, what are their particular needs. What makes them unique? What can you offer to them?

Have a great week,

Jennifer Britton, MES, PCC, CPCC

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