Thursday, June 26, 2014

Audio - Ten Ways to use the Conversation Sparker Cards (TM)

Many of you have read, or heard me speak, about the power of visuals in a group or team coaching process. For years I have used the Visual Explorer deck from Center for Creative Leadership in my programs, and earlier this year I launched the Conversation Sparker Cards(TM), a 72 card photo and question deck.

The Conversation Sparker Cards have taken root with many practitioners across both coasts of North America, and as far away as Iceland and Africa.  Last week a number of coaches had fun with them at the ICF Mid-West Regional Conference during a table-top discussion I facilitated on group and team coaching.

Earlier this week I hosted a call on Ten Ways To Use the Conversation Sparker Cards which you can listen to online here. I thought you would be interested in listening in particularly if you are looking for a new photo deck to use with your groups, or if you want to get some new ideas "sparked" for use with your current photo deck. The recording is 27 minutes in length.

Enjoy! Again, you can link to the Conversation Sparker Cards recording here.

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Jennifer Britton, PCC, CPCC
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