Thursday, April 17, 2014

What's in your back pocket?

It's always useful when working with groups and teams to have something in your back pocket, just in
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case. You never know where you will go in any conversation. Sometimes groups get caught up and we may need to put something aside, and sometimes, groups move quickly, and it can be useful to have something in your back pocket.

I often get asked about some of my favorite resources. Many of them I have picked up over the years, starting with some of my initial faves from the old days of Adventure Based Learning and Project Adventure.

The web is a fantastic resource for newer facilitators, and for those of us who are experienced, who need a little bit of a spark.

What are some of your favorite web resources? 

In a few weeks I'll be traveling to Washington DC to attend the ASTD International Conference and Expo. I'm really looking forward to being surrounded by lots of info, resources and other professionals who work in the area of workplace learning.  I am also REALLY excited to visit the ASTD bookstore. I continue to recommend many books that have come out through ASTD Press for coaches, trainers and other facilitators. Most of the books I have bought from them over the years are uber-practical and really supportive in pulling GREAT programs together. You can find ASTD's online store here.

Here's a link to some of my past posts on some of the different things to do with groups and teams. Enjoy!

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